making our future more realistic
a globally synchronous intelligent industrial building, contains our profound enterprise culture including openness,freedom,equality and respect.It is totally a brand new platform for the combination of talents and technology. Meanwhile,it keeps outputting high-precision extrusion T-Dies and auxiliary equipment to global customers.
Taking over
3 years
Covering more than
60,000 m²
Invite overseas experts to establish innovative team
Bring in international advanced machining equipment
Bring in and develop industrial software and
management system(the unique fluid visualization
system has already been developped)
Target at Industry 4.0, make it as a leading, energy
saving and environmental plant
To become a leading brand in the field
Intelligent manufacturing
Radiated from Imagining Center, 6 functional areas are located and connected with each other, which perfectly meet the modern intelligent manufacturing demands
Research capacity
International advanced polymer melt rheological analyzer is applied to calculate the characteristics of the raw materials and to test the rheological analysis result of differernt raw materials. DIE FLOW simulation software is applied to design the flow channel to achieve the best production status. Siemens NX3D and UG software is used to realize drawings digital transferred.
Technology is essence and international leading software and hardware
In the introduction of international leading technology and equipment, JCtimes is endeavoring to innovate to develop our own independent intellectual property rights, and to create a unique development model and enhance the influence and voice worldwide. Departments: Electroplating Center, Heat Treatment Center, Raw Material Analysis Center, Flow Channel Simulation Lab... Advanced hardware: Malvern Capillary Rheometer, Integrated Machining Center, Ultra-mirror Polishing Grinder, Swiss KUNZ Straightness Detector, Germany Zeiss Bridge Type Coordinate Measuring Machine, etc. Fluid Visualization System(Sharit system)
Informatization management
Based on the ERP system,the management among Clients, suppliers, enterprise and employees is being well realized. We provide higher quality products and best service by optimizing resources from internal and external of the company.
Intelligent manufacturing
Foundation of enterprise qualitative change
High quality products is the key to develop enterprise competitiveness, the key to create possibilities and the key to cultivate dreams.
It is in the Dreamworks that JCtimes develop its technology to a higher level.We have similar melt analysis technology comparing with western countries. All these make JCtimes become an international erterprise which can compete with other leading
companies in the world. Hence, Dreamworks is a big step for JCTIMES in the development progress and becomes a symbol in the promotion.
Propeller of enterprise self-improvement
The improvement of environment can facilitate the improvement of quality, service, employees' awareness and thus in all aspects.
Platform of gathering dreams in this field
JCtimes is not the protagonist, the client is.
Dreamworks is the milestone for JCTIMES to realise the dreams and the goals, the starting to gain confidence on the products "Made in China", the platform for communicate with those who always trust and support JCTIMES, also the platform for gathering people who always have dreams and always make them realised.
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